September 15, 2008

Showmanship Disneyland style - Act Two

Two fond memories of the past today present the Disneyland Show as it was during my days onstage. First, another part of the Cast booklet I posted earlier. This is the only full-color spread, but it’s got some nice photos of some of my favorites. The Main Street Electrical Parade and Country Bear Jamboree have been discarded, but at least the Mark Twain and Jungle Cruise are still afloat!

Next, a guide to some of the shows that used to be such a big part of the Magic Kingdom, especially when seen multiple times over a summer! Today at Disneyland, a terrific assortment of talent, capped off by the electrosynthemagnetic musical sound of the Main Street Electrical Parade. This schedule offers “Facts & Features” about what was once a Southern California icon.

Working a popcorn wagon along the parade route during the Electrical Parade meant switching off the lights. The wagons have two can lights on brackets illuminating the underside of the roof over the small counter. With these off, there wasn’t really anything to break up the Anaheim darkness, since the floats lit up only the route, not the surrounding area. On more than a few occasions, I stood watching the crowds watch the Parade when a guest appeared seemingly from nowhere to order a popcorn. It was especially startling when they came up on the wrong side of the wagon!

After all the floats passed and the Park’s many lights came back up, I would hit the switch on the little panel that served as the wagon’s nerve center, controlling the clown, the agitator inside the kettle, and the oil dispenser. My two little lamps would click on, adding to the glow of another warm Disneyland night.

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