September 10, 2008

Showmanship Disneyland style

Popcorn was sixty-five cents. Balloons came in yellow, red, blue, light blue, and pink. Ice cream wagons served up Carnation ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, orange juice bars, and frozen bananas.

It was the spring of 1983, and I was a new Outdoor Vending Cast Member, proudly attired in yellow polo shirt and pants with red and white stripes. One of the best parts of the job was its breadth. Vendors worked throughout the park, heading out from our office behind America Sings all the way to the farthest corner of Bear (not Critter) Country.

It was a time before Eisner, before Disneyland and Walt Disney Productions shifted focus from the finest in family entertainment to whatever it is the company sells now. I know that a great many people still find a special kind of happiness when they visit the various Resorts, Parks, ships, etc., and I haven’t started this blog to criticize Disney. I’ve put it up to celebrate the time and the showmanship I remember. Mike at Jungle is 101 has pointed out a lot of things from around my time period and continues to run a tight ship (as tight as a leaky tiki) on his excellent blog. I hope to add some more good stuff in a similar vein.

Here's the first. This booklet came out a few years before I put on my nametag and is a terrific example of what Disneyland used to be about: creating happiness for each and every guest, one at a time. These are some of my favorite pages, and I’ll likely put the rest up, too.

A very special thanks to the Disneyland Cast of late 1982 through 1986. And to all who come to this happy blog, welcome.


Gator Chris said...

Welcome to the Disney-sphere!

Yellows said...

Happy to be here! Thanks!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

HEY! Great new blog! Your opening paragraph was excellent, it put an amazing visual in my head of many happy times at Disneyland. Welcome, I am looking forward to your interesting posts. I'll add you to my blogger links on my blog.

Mike said...

You Go, Girl!

Awesome to see your new blog. We are kindred spirits and shared many great experiences during the magical 1980s as Disneyland Cast Members.

Here's to Yellows and a great new site. It's already on my list of recommended blogs.

Post well and post often!

See ya real soon!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great first post. Looking forward to many more. Disneyland and I go way back to my first experience in 1957. Good luck and thanks for the effort, it is greatly appreciated. I will link you to my blog. Richard

Yellows said...

Thanks! I’ll do the same for the Viewliner. Love that photo of Caboose No. PRR 476042.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! It kind of tripped me out though because I also worked at Disneyland in the 80's (1984-87), ALSO in Outdoor Vending AND my name is Anne too!

I'm sure we must have known each other at the time, seemed like we always knew everyone. Your memories and observations looking back on those times are just as I recall. Your stories and analysis are exactly what I would write if I was doing it myself.

Those were the best of times. Working like a dog all day in the hot sun then going to HoJo's with the entire gang afterwards. Yeah.

Again, thanks for the blog. I'll definitely keep reading!