November 2, 2008

Pave Paradise (Pier), put up a parking lot

In 1984, I started biking to work. Leaving my car (I think it was a ’78 MG midget), meant that I could roll right up to Harbor House without having to cross Disneyland’s hundred-acre asphalt desert. Since I didn’t need my parking pass that summer, I still have it as an artifact from the Disneyland that used to be. These stickers went on the rear view mirrors of Cast Members’ cars, so I think that most are probably as long gone as the lot itself.

I had one friend who worked the pavement as part of his duties as a Main Street/Parking Lot attractions host. It seemed to me that the crew had a lot of fun out there. For the rest of us, it was free and generally convenient work parking.

The only time it wasn’t quite as convenient was during the summer months. Unless you had an opening shift, you usually had to park in “X,” the section out near the Toll Plaza entrance off Harbor Blvd. A pretty good hike just to get in to punch your time card, and you couldn’t hop on the tram. You were fine if you allowed enough time, which you probably made sure to do after a couple of sprints to clock in, get to Wardrobe, change, and make it to your work location. After closing shifts, we shuffled out to our cars together and often decided to head over to the Denny’s across the street. Good times.

For a laugh, you can see another interesting “artifact” of 80s Disneyland at this link to some rare footage of “parking lot man,” a seldom-seen being now probably buried in the rubble beneath California Adventure. Be sure to mark your location so you can find your way back!


Progressland said...

Before City Hall's most recent refurbishment, its attic had an assortment of odd stuff. One of the "collections" of stuff up there were seemingly limitless numbers of slides of Parking Lot Cast Members having fun. I imagine the ones up that remained up there just got tossed...

Parking in the Katella Cast Member Lot was no picnic. One holiday season the line for the shuttle was so long that me and a couple other Cast Members walked back from Harbor Pointe. I think that was the right decision!

Yellows said...

Wow, you guys have a shuttle. I hope they at least have a neat voiceover for you.

"Space shuttle, this is flight safety. Keep your hands on the handrail or inside the vehicle at all times. You are clear for launch."