April 12, 2009

Tokyo Tomorrowland Then

More pages from the 1983 Tokyo Disneyland booklet given out to Disneyland Cast Members in celebration of the opening. Tomorrowland was quite similar to “world on the move” ideal. The “Skyway Station Shop” looks like a clone of the wonderful old Character Shop, Tomorrowland’s modernized Emporium.

It seems Tokyo’s Tomorrowland wasn’t far enough from Burbank to escape the effects of bad design decisions entirely, but I hope most of what was presented in 1983 remains.
Leaving Tomorrowland for a look back at Main Street’s vintage Emporium as it appears in Tokyo, here is a look at World Bazaar circa 1983:

This is how Main Street is supposed to look. Try to find a burnt-out lightbulb. By all accounts, TDL is still as sparkling as it was twenty-five years ago. That alone is worth congratulations.

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TokyoMagic! said...

You are right...I've never spotted a burnt out bulb at TDL. Too bad that can't be said about the Disney parks in the U.S. anymore. :-(

The upper level of the Tomorrowland Skyway Station was walled up when their Skyway was taken out, and the Skyway Station Shop below is now a candy store called Stellar Sweets. At least they replaced their Fantasyland Skyway Station with an incredible Pooh attraction.

Thank you for posting this wonderful TDL info!