September 12, 2009

Know the answers

Lesson three. Walt's innovation in guest relations wasn't the result of some hotel management program. It was basically an extended version of the Golden Rule. Simple, but never done better . . . as long as the effort was put in at every level, every day, every interaction with guests:

A question from a guest is never an interruption in our Disneyland VIP Plan. You're a walking, talking information booth . . . with a smile. It's no easy task to answer the same question 68 times . . . in the same patient and friendly way. You must remind yourself that most of our guests are strangers to our stage and as a rule they don't read directional signs. In fact, many of our foreign guests can't read English.

When people travel, they enjoy many things, but the most important factor is the human one . . . it's the PEOPLE THEY MEET that make the difference. It's you . . . our walking, talking information booth with a smile . . . who makes the difference.

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DIsney On Parole said...

So True, So True!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I went back and started reading from the very beginning. I hope you come back to writing here, soon.

Anonymous said...

I also was a cast member in the early 80's and enjoy the posts here. I wonder sometimes if the same standards hold up today. Sometimes it is seen, but many times, not so much. I saw a cast member arguing with a guest last week, each of them calling the other rude - sad.
Keep the posts coming.