November 28, 2009


Now that we're past the official "busiest shopping day of the year," it's time to make your list and check it twice. Here are ten of my Disneyland holiday wishes. Feel free to add your own!

A new Tomorrowland inspired by science and filled with silver and blue optimism;

A PeopleMover or similar advanced transportation system for a leisurely tour of said new Tomorrowland;

A Skyway over Fantasyland to the new Tomorrowland wished for previously;

A magic shop in Fantasyland;

A One-Of-A-Kind antiques shop in New Orleans Square;

A Keel Boat trip around the Rivers of America;

A Plaza Gardens stage with big bands;

A new Circle-Vision 360 theater with a film on something that could make particularly good use of the format, like global climate change;

A return to the Disneyland look; and

A special "classic" month at the Magic Kingdom, with the old characters, costumes, merchandise, music, parades, etc. If the National Hockey League can play outdoor games in historic uniforms every season, Disneyland could pull this off for sure.


TokyoMagic! said...

I like your list! A new Tomorrowland would hopefully include a new Carousel Theater show. OR, bring back the Carousel of Progress and restore it to it's original 1960's glory. After the show, guests could ride a Speedramp up to the second level to see "updated scenes" showing future technologies.

Oh yeah, and bring back Country Bear Jamboree!

Anonymous said...

Excellent ideas! I miss the People Mover.

Bearride - Raymond said...

Add The Castle Christmas Trees to the list, as in bring back! I always loved the was it looked.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Love it all! "Classic" month is brilliant idea!

Keel Boat = I have so hoping for this....

Amazing list, did you see inside my head?

p.s. Plaza Gardens stage was a ghost town today at the park - so under utilized!

Mike said...

Could we pave over Toon Town while we're at it???

I've made this list so many times in my head it's not even funny.

I'll add: the original Autopia arrangement (get rid of that huge canopy structure thingy that blocks the view of Tomorrowland!).

---Mike (Jungle is "101")