January 1, 2010

Tune out, turn on, get with it

The Best Possible Job's very first post featured the University of Disneyland's Showmanship...Disneyland Style. When I was a Cast Member in 1983, I learned the principles that Walt, Van, and the rest set out as they were explained in that booklet. Disney training enhanced both my Park performance and my life outside the berm, making those years a wonderful time to recall.

The Disney way as it was then is still valuable today. In some ways, it's even more so. So as we all step onstage into a fresh 2010, here are some good old words from Showmanship. I hope that they help my fifteen(!) loyal readers and everyone else have a happy new year:

Take a look at this morning's paper...at least six stories of bad news. This...and other personal and world troubles are what we want to tune out when we get ready to play our roles in the show. This is why our "stage" is surrounded by an earthen berm...to tune out the outside world.

And then, we have to turn on to the atmosphere...the fun...the magic of the show. It's a fresh show every day for our guests...and this requires fresh attitudes on our parts. We're not saying it won't be hard work...it will also be exciting and challenging work. After all, that's what show biz is all about.

To "get with it" is a show business term. It means getting in the mood of the show...the feeling of the play...or the "theme" of the play...or the "theme" of the area. This is no place for a Grouchy Gus...a Sad Sam or a Harried Harriet. We don't want these type people in our cast. Disneyland is a fun show...not a sad story.

If you tune out the outside world...turn on to Disneyland and get with it, you'll find that you'll be helping to create a very important thing in life.

I'm looking forward to this year, and to sharing more Cast memories with you all. Cheers.


TokyoMagic! said...

Happy New Year to you, Anne! Looking forward to more of your Cast memories in the coming year!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a former and current cast member. I am seasonal now, and worked as a seasonal cast member back in 1979-80. My midlife crisis was to see if I could re-visit, re-apply and make it there. It worked. I'm a serious Disney lover and collector. Looking to join in on a blog with other fellow disney-ites. Dave in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

fellow disney-ite looking to blog with other serious disney lovers. davidmires@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the memories!