August 8, 2010

Trip report — Summer 1978

It's August 1978. I'll become a Cast Member in five years. Today, I'm a guest, staying with my mom in the Disneyland Hotel. The Mark III monorail has just glided us into the Tomorrowland station. A great day in the Magic Kingdom is ahead!

The entertainment calendar in our guide tells us that we can look forward to two parades: one for Mickey's 50th and the Main Street Electrical Parade plus Fantasy in the Sky tonight. Maybe we'll even hit the Space Stage and dance to "The Magnificent Music & Motion Machine." As we wander through the Park, we'll hear the Dapper Dans, Main Street Maniacs, Royal Street Bachelors, Pearly Band, All-American College Marching Band, and Bowdie Mountain Express, "a quartet of down-to-earth Blue Grass performers in Bear Country."

Of course, we've also got a long list of adventures and attractions, including still-new Space Mountain! Since we're already in Tomorrowland, let's go! There's the speedramp, just past the gantry elevator up to the Rocket Jets!

Wow! We conquered Space Mountain! Let's come back down to earth and start the rest of our day the traditional way with a walk up Main Street. We can hop aboard the Disneyland Railroad for a quick trip through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World.

Fantasyland next! Let's visit the Matterhorn, our old favorite mountain.

We'll catch our breath walking over to the Frontierland side of the Park. No Big Thunder to take the "wildest ride in the wilderness" yet, but we were still having the best time. I was having so much fun that I forgot to take more photos! A cruise on the Mark Twain around the Rivers of America gave me a chance to snap a shot of the burning settler's cabin, but my Kodak Instamatic X-15 didn't get much use after that.

We were there until Jack Wagner told us that Disneyland had ended its normal operating day. Exhausted, we had one more experience ahead that made this visit the best we'd had. As a sea of guests funneled toward Town Square, our monorail pulled out. Laden with our paper bags filled with things from the Character Shop, Main Street Magic, Tropical Imports, and Tinkerbell's Toy Store, it zipped us through the darkness across the parking lot. Kids in back seats looked up as we glided overhead, part of one last moment of a perfect Disneyland day.

We checked out the next morning and wandered through the hotel shops, adding a few more souvenirs here and there. I don't know where nearly any of it is today, but I've still got that August 1978 trip. Thanks for coming along to relive it. And thanks, mom, for everything.


TokyoMagic! said...

What a wonderful trip report and what fantastic pics! A bubble-topped monorail, the Space Stage, Space Mountain's Speedramp, the Skyway, the burning settler's cabin, and that pebbly rose-colored concrete in front of the Castle......bring all this stuff back, Disney!!!

Thank you for sharing your personal memories and photos!

JG said...

Thank you. 1978 was one of my years too. I appreciate the trip back.

Best regards.


Connie Moreno said...

Very cool!