January 9, 2011

Royal Street revisited

Working as an Outdoor Vending Cast Member on Disneyland's west side during the 1980s meant that you had to move fast on breaks and lunches. The only cafeteria on the Frontierland side of the Park is the Pit, located in the somewhat dank underground beneath Pirates of the Caribbean (hence the name). Getting there in time to order, eat, and make it back to an ice cream wagon near, say, Big Thunder wasn't easy.

There's a lot of onstage to traverse. All the while, you're visible to guests and subject to time-consuming questions. Even silent guests are still obstacles when the clock is ticking. You develop a Disney way of walking through a large group of people toward your objective. Even so, time passed all too quickly on those periods of temporary relief.

That's why the classic Royal Street Bachelors were so amazing.

Their music never failed to slow the pace. Even though I knew that if I didn't move it, I'd be limited to whatever daily special the Pit had ready to go, I always walked a little slower past those three players. Jack McVea, Herb Gordy, and Harold Grant graced New Orleans Square for around 25 years. This early video dates from 1985.

Watching these guys play and hearing their sounds again makes me feel like I know I've got to get back to my work location--but also that I'm risking being a couple of minutes late. Maybe you've got to get back to work, too. Right now, though, you're a guest of this blog.

So "set awhile" at the Royal Street Veranda. Let the Bachelors carry you back. And enjoy the rest of your revisit to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.