May 9, 2011

A mother's day in the Park

1983. She and her two little boys. Snippets of a beautiful Disneyland day, including a trip through the Matterhorn on a long-ago Skyway to a long-ago Tomorrowland.

It's an amateur's collection of shaky shots, lightning-fast pans, and excessive use of the camcorder's zoom lens. It's also the pure joy of a mother and family enjoying the Magic Kingdom as some of us knew and loved her. Like so much of what's been added to the Park over the last two decades, any further commentary on this video treasure would lessen the wonder of what's there.

Nothing else is needed to make it a fitting tribute to moms everywhere. Here's to yours and mine.


Brian Sibley said...

Thanks, Anne! Great to ride the Skyway through the Matterhorn again! Pure nostalgia!

TokyoMagic! said...

Fantastic footage! Thanks for sharing this!

What has happened to the Dumbo Calliope? Last time I checked on it, I think it just had pre-recorded music coming out of it and the miniature Dumbo did not pop out. Very sad!

It appears this footage was shot before the centerpiece of the Dumbo attraction was completed, which of course ended up being replaced along with the rest of attraction after one of the Dumbos fell off....I forget what year that happened.

JG said...

That was precious, thank you for letting me go back too.