July 31, 2011

Backstage pass

Fellow blogger Vintage Disneyland Tickets posted this great aerial view of the Happiest Place on Earth as it appeared when I was an Outdoor Vending Cast Member in 1983. I applied some labels to identify various backstage features, which you can see by enlarging the image.

When you punched in and passed through Harbor House every day, it didn't take long for these areas to become very familiar—maybe even more so than the mundane world outside the berm. If you never stepped offstage from the '80s Magic Kingdom show, the world behind the inconspicuous doorways and passages leading behind the scenes was probably a mystery to you.

This photo doesn't capture some backstage things that were regular parts of my days back then—the locker room, Cash Control, and Outdoor Vending's freezers and balloon room, for example, are just out of the frame at the lower right, as are the Zoo Crew's quarters and Cast Cutters, the backstage barber shop. Hopefully, though, you'll enjoy this little "guided tour" and discovering what some of the hidden places were.

It's amazing how much of those places I remember so well, even thirty years later. If I could, I would save this post now, shut down the computer, park in "X" lot, flash my yellow ID to security, punch my timecard, and head down the hill under the railroad tracks into the back of the Park. They say you can't go home again, but can't you go back to work at Disneyland?


JG said...

Thank you for the orientation. That is a great photo, isn't it.

Wish I could have worked there, too.


Connie Moreno said...

Amen!! I would love to work at the Park again! I applied in May but was told my application had been reviewed and that I could apply again in 6 months.

Huh? When did they start doing that and why didn't they hire me? Boohoo!


Yellows said...

JG, you would have had a fabulous time at Disneyland back then. Thanks for the comment!

Connie, sorry to hear that Disney passed on your application this time. Better luck next time! Wish we could walk back into the old Casting Office together.

Anonymous said...

This really hits home, especially that last paragraph. Yes, I too wish I could relive those days 30+ years ago. Fortunately I can through your writings. I keep thinking that one day I should just walk through onto backstage from Main Street...keep walking as if I know the way (I do) and belong there (I don't anymore). Looks like that area hasn't changed much.