September 26, 2011

Disneyland family

The Disneyland Cast was once a family. This fabulous 1979 video clip by a former character focuses on the old Zoo Crew, but these people could have been part of any work location back then. Attractions, Merchandise, Outdoor Vending, Custodial—whatever the department, it was as much group of dear friends as collection of co-workers.

I was part of it all too briefly in the early '80s until things began to change into what they are now. If you were around in those days, you'll recall how special we felt as Disneylanders. We reentered the world outside the berm after our shifts, but we didn't leave the place inside. We worked together, played together, dated, sometimes even married each other.

Our fellow Cast Members were like brothers and sisters, a family presenting family entertainment as if we had invited guests to our own home. It was an era that will never be again. If you never worked for Walt Disney Productions, take a look at the video for a glimpse of how it felt. If you did, watching will feel like a reunion.

Sometimes I miss you, Disneyland—and the friends who were you—so, so much.


Disney On Parole said...

You so hit the nail on the head!!!!
We all worked TOGETHER! i remember after work over at Acapulcos Mexican Restaurant...meeting Parking lot cast members, Merch. Employees and Venders like you... it really was a special time!
and yes I'm in the video!
Thanks ! I'm really surprised we didn't know each other!

TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, thanks for posting this. It really brought back some riding the old DL parking lot trams to and from the beginning and end of the parade route!

JG said...

Thank you for this.


Obie said...

As a current CM. I don't feel much has changed. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!

Yellows said...


Will never forget those late night/early a.m. treks across Harbor Blvd. to Acapulco's or Denny's. A most special time it was.


You're welcome! Thanks for your comment and memories!


You bet! Thanks for stopping by!


It's hard to really compare if you weren't there in the pre-Eisner era. Glad to hear that you're enjoying life as a modern CM!

A Snow White Sanctum said...

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like it was a special time.

Anonymous said...

A spot-on commentary! The video brings back so much of the fun that I had during my years at the Park, starting in 1969. That first summer introduced me to my 'family' of siblings that I never had as an only child. I cherish the pictures of them that I keep today. And yes, I have a Disney bride now going into our 34th year!

Don Payne said...

Really enjoyed the video. SO many familiar faces and good friends. Those were great days. Great memories. Great people to work with and play with. Thank you, so much, for sharing this video trip down memory lane with us! My years there were 1969-81. I wouldn't trade away a single moment. How I miss the familiar, old faces captured in this video. I think I'll watch it, again!

Julie Timms said...

You wrote it beautifully. When you were a cast member, you left the outside world when you entered the berm. Great blog!

pocomundo said...

You spoke of a change in the 80s. There was also a change I felt after Roy(Sr)died. I worked 70 to 76. I am sure those who worked under Walt felt a change when he passed. It was magic working there, regardless. And don't forget the fun of the canoe races. Glad I saw your post/video.