January 15, 2012

King Arthur

If you were part of Disneyland in the days when it had a parking lot, you probably knew Arthur.

Those of us in the Cast knew him well. He was there nearly every day. We talked with him as he made his regular rounds around the Park, always asking how we were and "How's business?" He spoke in words formed around his few remaining teeth. There weren't many left, but they were almost constantly smiling. And we drove him home after work when we found him waiting at Harbor House for somebody to give him a lift.

Arthur was the closest thing that I can think of to having Walt strolling around the Magic Kingdom. Just his presence renewed any sparkle that might have gotten a little bit dulled by the often extremely hard work of creating happiness for others.

This old Orange County Register article is a great way to meet him and I hope to start a happy new year. Cheers!


Connie Moreno said...

Cool story! I wish I could read that article but the photo won't enlarge.

Yellows said...

Thanks, Connie! Sadly, that's as big an image as I could find.

Jonathan P said...

You can get some more information about Arthur at "The Legend of Arthur Holmson".

Disney On Parole said...

Anne- I can't thank you enough for this... It brought back so many wonderful memories!
I can't tell you the number of times
I was having a crappy day and then I'd look up and there would be Arthur! holding that bag and a stroller top or two... waving the little hand at you saying hello!!!
what could you do but smile!!
we had our share of guest loonies! but Arthur was special!
Dancing in the parades in the heat, you'd just get a burst of energy when he'd wave to you!
What a guy!
Thanks again!
ps Connie - if you right click on the image and save it to your computer... you can open it and enlarge it there,,, Great!

Anonymous said...

Arthur was great. He thought he worked at Disneyland and that his job was to "find" lost articles and take them down to Lost & Found. When we'd see him, we'd say, "Hi Arthur! Are you working today?" Sometimes he'd say, "Nope, they gave me the day off!"

He'd hang around Harbor House in the evening looking for a ride home. I took him home a couple of times, but Heaven help you if you didn't know where he lived because he'd lead you on a merry chase all over Orange County!

Anonymous said...

I can attest to all things mentioned about Arthur. He was a fixture during my days in the 70s as a CM. How nice of you to post this piece of trivia that is a indelible picture in my memory of good-times-past.

Wendy said...

I loved being Arthur's cab service at the end of the evening. He was such a sweet hearted man! Definitely one of my best memories of working at the Park.