February 5, 2012

Disneyland old-timers

It's the Best Possible Job's one hundredth post! In honor of those who, like me, were part of yesterday's Disneyland, it's dedicated to the Cast Members with whom I had the privilege of sharing time at 1313 Harbor Boulevard. I think that a few are some of my few readers, but many are sadly no longer onstage. Each made Walt Disney's Magic Kindgom a delight to be part of, whether you were a guest or a fellow Disneylander.

Until about the mid-'80s, a person could make a decent living working at the Park. Many great people did just that, earning ten, fifteen, and twenty year pins and giving the Cast its unique family feeling that made the job so wonderful. It was a way of life as much as a source of income.

The 1987 article Conflict at Disneyland: A Root-Metaphor Analysis published in the journal Communication Monographs studied the periods before and after that way of life changed forever. I'll keep this post short in hopes that you'll page through it. It's a terrific time capsule of those days and gives terrific insights into the things that made Cast Members stay as long as some did. A bit more of a scholarly read than my posts but well worth the time, especially if you worked back then.

On to the next 100! Thanks for sticking around.


Connie Moreno said...

I always enjoy your posts!

TokyoMagic! said...

Too bad Disney had to change along with the rest of corporate America. :-(

Congrats on your one hundredth post!!!

Disney On Parole said...

Loved the Article:
It says the interviews were "held in the "Lounge" of a local restaurant, a favorite Disneyland haunt"...I wonder if that was "Acapulco's Bar" or "Belisle's"
Thanks for sharing !