July 1, 2012

First-rate third gate

Here's an idea for a new theme park experience that would be better than almost any other entertainment in the world.

It's a perfect re-creation of a place that existed from around 1967 to around 1985. "It represents the intangibles of the mind, yet exhibits a logical, physical world. Within its thematic realms are medieval castles and rocket ships, horse-drawn streetcars and streamlined monorail trains, jungle elephants and elephants that fly, a snow-capped mountain and a 'space' mountain."

You might say that such a Park exists already. But this one is different in several ways, some subtle, some more dramatic.

The new Park, for example, encourages young people to think about the past and the future using their imaginations, not just their short-term memories of what they've seen at the multiplex or online. They can enjoy adventures and attractions like traveling through "liquid space" on an exciting cruise to the North Pole, taking a thrilling journey into the world of the atom, and exploring Tom Sawyer's island with its many caves and Fort Wilderness.

At their own pace, guests can also explore a fascinating tree-top home, complete with its own bamboo-and-twine water system. The aerial views are spectacular, but even better is the panorama visible from Skyway buckets. Another panorama takes you on a film tour of the United States through the magic of CircleVision 360.

Many characters from favorite childhood films roam freely, and you can run into these old friends just about anywhere. Other friends can be seen in the many live performances such as the Golden Horseshoe Revue, an Old West vaudeville show featuring singing, dancing, and plenty of laughs. A bunch of bears put on a great show of their own. You can dance, as swinging big bands set the tempo after dark.

Hungry? You will discover a menu to please every palate and pocketbook among the large variety of restaurants and refreshment centers ranging from elegant waitress service to popcorn and ice cream wagons. Once you're refreshed, you'll want to shop for unusual man-made flowers, dill pickles, Guatemalan clothing and jewelry, choice antiques, Pendleton woolen fabrics and clothing, and professional magician supplies. The services of a perfumer to blend unique fragrances to your choice are also available.

When you ready, you can stow your purchases in a locker for .75. You won't want them to weigh you down, because there's a lot more to see. Like Mars, which you can visit after taking a grand circle tour of Tomorrowland aboard the PeopleMover--the first system of its kind in the world.

If you've still got time in your vacation, you can stop in at Carefree Corner for information on other Southern California attractions. Hollywood and the beaches are just about an hour away.

But you'll probably want to stay right here.


TokyoMagic! said...

I remember that place. If only we could get it back. Yes, 1967-1985....a good time frame. The "beginning of the end" really started to accelerate by 1986.

Kevin Kidney said...

Excellent idea. I would love to visit a place like that.

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

This is so eloquently put. Very rarely do I see such a simple summation of why Disneyland was SO GREAT in its golden years. Now if only I could condense it into 2 sentences, it might make my rants against the current park so much quicker! It would also make for a great t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Boy this hits home!! Well done. I am so happy to have the memories of working during that time period...in my case 1969-1978. And it WAS just that kind of land. So much has been lost. But maybe there is some hope with the change done to the other park.