July 15, 2012

Riding on the Metro

One of my favorite blogs, Vintage Disneyland Tickets, has been quiet lately. I know that one of VDT's favorite things is Magic Mountain's old Metro monorail, so I thought that I would share a story from a couple of years before my days as a Disneyland Cast Member. As a high school junior, I worked a summer as a ride operator out there in Valencia (just two gallons north of Hollywood!)

I'd love to say that the Metro was my regular location, but I started in Children's World (pictured in the postcard above under the monorail beam). I next moved over to a Funicular/Sky Tower rotation, then became part of the opening crew on Roaring Rapids. All of those provided truly great times working with fun crews on some of the mountain's most unique rides. One of my best memories, though, happened while I was still assigned to its "parking lot carnival" area.

Arriving for work one afternoon, not quite looking forward to watching kids spin slowly around in various cars, rockets, or motorbikes, I got some very welcome news. My lead told me that the Metro needed somebody to cover a shift. Its first station was just steps away, opposite the Log Jammer, over by the old Mountain Express. Almost all of us in the park's Operations Division wore the same mint green polyester pants and white polo (with stripes in the same mint and yellow), so there was no need to go and check out a new costume. I hurried right over to the station and hustled up the steps.

It was no Alweg monorail system, but the Metro was lovable in its own primitive way. And it was sure easy to operate. There wasn't much to do except sit in the front of the train and spiel as the cars lumbered slowly along the beam. Colossus was the newest thing to talk about, the "world's largest wooden racing roller coaster off the right side of the Metro."

The system is still in place in Valencia as it was back then, but the ride is sadly long gone, never to return. I hope the same isn't true for Vintage Disneyland Tickets! You can see much more of the Metro's glorious past (and far less glorious present) over there. Thanks for coming on this brief departure to Magic Mountain. See you back at the Magic Kingdom.


TokyoMagic! said...

That is sad news. Like VDT, I had been hoping that somehow, someday, Six Flags would reopen their Metro. Is the track coming down too? They could always just leave the track and put a high speed rocket sled type of attraction on it. We know how successful those are!

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

SO glad that SFMM is finally getting those silly log rides and monorails out and paving the way for some rollercoasters... They could really use more rollercoasters.

*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I remember that ride, and most that you mention. I bet you were running them when I visited MM at the same age.

Also, VDT noted in one of his posts that he was moving house and would be distracted for a few days.

Thanks for your posts, they always bring good memories to me.


Anonymous said...

And VDT is back on line.